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Golf Equipment – Balls, Clubs, Shoes, Bag

Playing golf acquires you to have certain equipment, a lot of people say that only rich people can afford to play it since it’s an expensive sport, I am sure if that is what you love you can afford it.
The first thing needed is a golf ball – to be more exact golf balls – they have a spherical shape in a white color(although other colors are allowed) and are marked with dimples, these dimples have an effect on the motion and air turbulence of the ball, the game can’t take place without it.
There are golf clubs – they are made in hundreds of varieties and professional players take every little details in consideration for instance there are short clubs and long clubs and made in different lances(grips) and the long and short golf clubs have an effect on the distance.There are golf clubs called “Woods”, they are slightly shorter but are very large head clubs and are used for long-distance shots, don’t let the name “woods” fool you because the clubs are made from metal, there are also “Irons”, “Hybrid” and “Putters” each taken into different considerations in a game.
In a stipulated round you can have the maximum of 14 clubs, for the clubs you need a golf bag.
There are special gold shoes needed that have plastic or metal spikes that are designed to get more accurate shots while increasing traction, you also need gloves.

All is missing now is a golf course, get ready to play…….

Tiger Woods – Swing in Slow Motion

Watch, learn, analyze his swing:

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Golf Lesson + Great Golf Tips

Ana Rodriguez Larreta giving a lesson and tips on playing great golf……

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