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Is Golf a Woman’s Game?

How many women do you know who play golf? What about men? Contrary to what most people think, golf is actually a women’s game too. The problem with golf is that most of its players are men. It is because of this that many people tend to write it off as a man’s game.

There are however many women who play and compete in golf tournaments. You can check out many info about golf, including betting odds, tips etc , for both mans and women’s tournament.
If you are thinking of testing your skills in the game, the following information should help you learn, not only how to play and win in the game but how to play it like a women should.

Golfing tips for women

Above everything else, learn the rules of the game. Even if you do not play well at first, knowing the game will help other players give you respect. It is also much easier to play once you have understood what is expected of you. Also have some basic knowledge on the equipment used in the game.

Many women feel that in order to play a sport, they have to be exceptionally good at it. This is not true; especially when it comes to golf. Golf is a very easy game to play and learn. All it needs is a lot of patience, determination and boldness. You need to be bold enough to play the game while other people are watching you. It can be intimidating to try and hit a small ball when everyone’s eyes are on you.

Being bold will help you as well in keeping concentration. Your mind needs to be able to estimate the distance you want the ball to travel when you hit it. This is what helps your hands project out the right power when you swing your golf club.

It is also advisable to start small. Try friendly games and then start to compete. Once you have gotten a hang of the game, playing it and competing becomes much easier. You will also gain much more confidence.