Good golf equipment is a must if you wish to become a pro

The following are some of the most common golf equipment used in a game of golf.

• The golf Clubs: The players usually carry the clubs during the game. A player can’t carry more than fourteen clubs as defined in the rule. The wood club, iron club and the putters are the three main types of golf clubs in use today.

• The golf Balls: A golf ball is a white ball and has a tough rubber core. The ball has a minimum diameter of 42.67 mm and is lighter than 45.93 mg. The modern balls mostly contain two-three or four layer design, which is mostly designed from the synthetic materials.

• Golf Shafts: The shafts are the ones used between the grip and the ‘club head’. Some of the strongest and lightest materials are used to make the golf shaft and is mostly circular in shape.

• Other golf equipment: Some of the other golf equipment, which the players use while playing a game of golf include the gloves, special shoes of the golfers, and golf tees.

These were some of the most common golf equipment, which the golfers use while playing a game of golf. you can find plenty of gold information and stats online as well. and if you like to place some bets on gold here and there, you will find that the best sports betting sites also provides great golf lines on all the major tournaments and much more..

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