What We Nowadays Know as Golf

One would never be mistaken to call the history of golf an interesting one. How cannot it be interesting if we take as truth the assumption it originated in the ancient Greece and Rome, the cradles of our civilization, where it was known under the name paganica and consisted of pushing lather ball with a stick that looked similar to nowadays golf clubs.

The golf history next cites that the 13th century Dutchmen may actually be the guilty ones for the development of golf through their game of kolven, or maybe the guilty ones were Chinese and their game of chuiwan played circa between 8th and 14th century. Golf also bears striking resemblance to the game of cambuca played in England and chambot that originated in France. But what is known to be a modern game of golf we nowadays know is said to had originated in the 15th century Scotland and unlike nowadays, despite it´s immense popularity the Scotland court proclaimed golf a forbidden and punishment followed form of a pass time if practiced. And all of it for the sake of archery which was greatly abandoned at a time because people were preoccupied with golf. Ah, so much fuss over few clubs and one small, innocent ball.

Nowadays, not only is golf a very favorable sport, but is considered to be the sport for higher classes even, the fact King James II of Scotland would find hard to believe today. Interesting fact of our century is that the land of origin of golf, Scotland, holds even nowadays the number one place when it comes to the popularity of this game, and it is slowly closed by it´s neighboring Wales, then Northern Ireland and Canada, United States, New Zealand and Australia on another hemisphere, as well as England and very noticeably Sweden.

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