The Game of Golf – Now and Then

People tend to argue, but even despite all of the arguments they have, one thing stand for sure, and that would be the fact that no one can say for sure where do the game of golf stem from. Was it China with it´s game of chuiwan that gave someone idea to develop golf, or were it the old Dutchmen playing kolven? Actually, we might be wrong and instead we should blame Englishmen themselves who liked to spend their spare time playing cambuca as French liked there chambot. No one can say for sure. Except if he is to say that the most striking resemblance lies between modern golf and the game of golf played in the 15th century Scotland, under the rule of king James II.

Now, let´s see for all of you out there interested in this game, what are some of the most essential topic to cover and learn before we go out and embarrass ourselves.

The first and foremost is to cover the topic of the golf equipment. And before we start to list it and describe it, we need to stress out that the golf rules, there being listed the rules related to the equipment as well, are drawn by the governing authority of this game – The Royal and Ancient Golf Club and it´s committees.

Of course that the first piece of the equipment to cross anyone´s mind, would be that cute, dimpled golf ball. The R&A rules state that a golf ball must not weigh over 45.93 grams, diameter must not be lesser than 42.67mm and it´s symmetry, velocity and distance limits must be respected.

The next on our list are the golf clubs, by rules limited to up to fourteen clubs per player, and there are three major types used for different shots: woods, irons and putters.

Then we have ball markers, the name describing their purpose along the way.

And in the end beside regular gold bag, we have tees as important golf equipment piece, which serves to players to raise the ball on it so it can be easier to shoot that way.

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