Where Birdies and Bingo Collide!

If you enjoy bingo but like to get active and feel the grass beneath your feet, why not try the lastest craze in the gaming world? Bingo golf is the new game that combines the thrills of scoring off results on your bingo card with driving and putting on the golf course.

Bingo traditionally uses scoring cards with the letters BINGO written across the top horizontally and random numbers placed in the small boxes vertically beneath each heading letter. Online bingo has really taken off in recent years and now rivals the traditional bingo halls in terms of popularity. Online bingo allows players to play their favourite bingo games from the comfort of their own home while still retaining the social element due to the friendly atmosphere created by the chat of the other bingo ‘roomies’ and the chat hosts.

Online bingo and traditional land-based bingo are both hugely popular with all kinds of people and the demographic is expanding all the time, with more men in particular getting involved in online bingo. This may be because online bingo is a great game to play alongside other online games such as online casino games and online poker.

Golfers wanting to take the plunge into a new kind of game away from the golf course can choose between two kinds of bingo or experiment with both. There are two main varieties of bingo that are played in the land-based bingo halls and online bingo rooms: 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. 90 ball bingo is traditionally played in the UK whereas 75 ball bingo is more popular in the US. The 75 ball game tends to be played at a faster pace than the 90 ball bingo game, making 90 ball a good choice for less experienced bingo players. Online bingo rooms also offer guaranteed jackpots and progressive jackpots for even bigger thrills.

However, there is no need to leave the links to try bingo! The new game of bingo golf means that you can enjoy both the fun of bingo and the skill of golf together. Bingo golfers can play a card alone within an event or they can also play as a foursome. Much like an ordinary bingo card, the bingo golf card has boxes displayed underneath the BINGO letters across the top. However, instead of the boxes containing random numbers, the boxes contain different golfing achievements, such as ‘birdie a par-4 hole’, ‘one putt for par’ or ‘eagle a hole’. Then, when the bingo golfer achieves one of these scores, he or she strikes it off the card.

Bingo golfers can play in a number of different ways. The method of winning must be decided before the game begins, whether players want to play four corners or another pattern. Players can also simply play to see who gets the most boxes scored by the end of the game to find the winner. Bingo golf can also be played as a side game alongside a normal game of golf, to find winners for both.

Much like bingo, golf is a game that can be played by all people of any age. Bingo fans should not be put off trying bingo golf due to not having played golf before. Anyone can hit a ball, but if you want to really enjoy your bingo golf it might worth looking into ways to improve your golf playing. There are loads of tricks to improve your swing, line up, putting style and club choice. Bingo golf allows you to practice these things in your game while having more fun at the same time.

So, is bingo golf a sport or is it a game? It seems this new pastime combines a bit of both. You can enjoy the serious side of improving your golf play with some throwaway fun with your bingo card. So if you are looking for a way to bring some more entertainment to the links, get into the swing with bingo golf!.

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