Can Tiger Woods Return to His Old Self ?

The king of golf has suffered a great deal in recent month, after his hole transgression episode has explode in his face. From the status of an ideal, a living legend from a really young age, he became a laughingstock, a person who can’t control himself outside the green, where he ruled the world.
Many people believed he will overcome it over time, but ever since it happened, tiger is not his old self, that’s for sure, suffering loses on the green, as well as financial hits all over the place. Yes, i know, we will never need to worry about tiger’s money, he has more than anybody could ever dream of, yet many sponsors and advertisers that decided to part ways with him, has caused him a serious damage not only financial, but more impotently for tiger, in the public perceptions, he needs to do a lot to try and climb back to his old form.

In a recent ESPN report, yet another endorser has quit on woods, and the significance of it, again not being quite about money, but about tiger perception in the public eye. Most sports betting sites will tell you that the odds are Tiger will rule once more in the golf world. he is young, gifted and when focused, no one can touch him or even come close. but this will take time. and it seems like tiger has it, saying that  “there are other things in life other than golf”..

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