Is Golf a Woman’s Game?

How many women do you know who play golf? What about men? Contrary to what most people think, golf is actually a women’s game too. The problem with golf is that most of its players are men. It is because of this that many people tend to write it off as a man’s game.

There are however many women who play and compete in golf tournaments. You can check out many info about golf, including betting odds, tips etc , for both mans and women’s tournament.
If you are thinking of testing your skills in the game, the following information should help you learn, not only how to play and win in the game but how to play it like a women should.

Golfing tips for women

Above everything else, learn the rules of the game. Even if you do not play well at first, knowing the game will help other players give you respect. It is also much easier to play once you have understood what is expected of you. Also have some basic knowledge on the equipment used in the game.

Many women feel that in order to play a sport, they have to be exceptionally good at it. This is not true; especially when it comes to golf. Golf is a very easy game to play and learn. All it needs is a lot of patience, determination and boldness. You need to be bold enough to play the game while other people are watching you. It can be intimidating to try and hit a small ball when everyone’s eyes are on you.

Being bold will help you as well in keeping concentration. Your mind needs to be able to estimate the distance you want the ball to travel when you hit it. This is what helps your hands project out the right power when you swing your golf club.

It is also advisable to start small. Try friendly games and then start to compete. Once you have gotten a hang of the game, playing it and competing becomes much easier. You will also gain much more confidence.


Famous bingo quotes you may never heard before..

It’s funny how bingo “survived” over the years and it’s popularity just got bigger!. Here are some of the most famous quotes and sayings in and about Bingo:

“I think the Irish woman was freed from slavery by bingo. They can go out now, dressed up, with their handbags and have a drink and play bingo. And they deserve it.”

- John B. Keane

“It’s all about having fun. Some people sit in the bar, and we sit in the bingo hall. She’s too old to line dance or I’d have her doing that.”

- Loretta Wetz

“I’d rather root on my own floor than be found by a bunch of bingo players in a nursing home.”
-Florence King

These were some of the famous quotes in bingo by some famous people. The world of bingo is filled with plenty of fun and joy and for some people, that’s the only game they play. Some do play online and alike who offer great experience. Other still prefer the old bingo game with friends, but no matter what, the game of bingo is live and kicking more than ever..

Every game has its own set of words and it is important for a player to understand these terms to get a better understanding of the game. If you are one of those people looking to understand the game of golf, then the following is a complete glossary of the game.

Addressing the ball: This is when the player takes his stance and grounds his club

Ball in Play: The ball in play refers to the action when the player makes a stroke on the teeing ground

Bunker: This is a hazard of a prepared area on a ground, which is often hollow. A bunker doesn’t have soil and mostly consists of soft sand.

Course: This refers to the whole area in which the game of golf is permitted.

Competitor: This refers to any player in a stroke competition. The competitor is any player with whom a person plays.

Committee: The Committee is the one who is in charge of the competition.

These were some of the terms most commonly used in a game of golf. There are other terms as well used in the game of golf and it is important for a player to be familiar with the terms to make the most out of the game.

Tips to Improving Your Golf Game

Golfers are often looking for ways to improve their game. If you are a golfer that is looking for ways to improve their game, there are many inexpensive tips to help you improve your game including the following tips on how to improve your swing and how to rotate your hands.

Improving your swing. The most effective way to improve your golf game is by improving your swing. To improve you swing simply practice. Focus on positioning the ball correctly before you swing. Just swinging will not give you the control over the ball but focusing on the position of the ball before your swing will. Position yourself with your legs shoulder length apart and stand with your feet positioned half way between the front and back.

Rotating your hands. Rotating your hands to improve you game will greatly help your game. The simplicity of this exercise is that it only requires a wrist watch. Take your watch and simply rotate it in the downward position, facing the ground. By doing this, your club face will become closed. This allows you to see the direction you are pointing.

With simple practice, you can improve your game and be the golfer that the other envy!.

Can Tiger Woods Return to His Old Self ?

The king of golf has suffered a great deal in recent month, after his hole transgression episode has explode in his face. From the status of an ideal, a living legend from a really young age, he became a laughingstock, a person who can’t control himself outside the green, where he ruled the world.
Many people believed he will overcome it over time, but ever since it happened, tiger is not his old self, that’s for sure, suffering loses on the green, as well as financial hits all over the place. Yes, i know, we will never need to worry about tiger’s money, he has more than anybody could ever dream of, yet many sponsors and advertisers that decided to part ways with him, has caused him a serious damage not only financial, but more impotently for tiger, in the public perceptions, he needs to do a lot to try and climb back to his old form.

In a recent ESPN report, yet another endorser has quit on woods, and the significance of it, again not being quite about money, but about tiger perception in the public eye. Most sports betting sites will tell you that the odds are Tiger will rule once more in the golf world. he is young, gifted and when focused, no one can touch him or even come close. but this will take time. and it seems like tiger has it, saying that  “there are other things in life other than golf”..

Boss Media Review

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